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SMTP.module is active.

SMTP Authentication Support

Install options
To uninstall this module you must turn it off here first.
SMTP server settings
The address of your outgoing SMTP server.
The address of your outgoing SMTP backup server. If the primary server can't be found this one will be tried. This is optional.
The default SMTP port is 25, if that is being blocked try 80. Gmail uses 465. See this page for more information on configuring for use with Gmail.
This allows connection to an SMTP server that requires SSL encryption such as Gmail.
SMTP Authentication
Leave blank if your SMTP server does not require authentication.
SMTP Username.
SMTP password. If you have already entered your password before, you should leave this field blank, unless you want to change the stored password.
E-mail options
The e-mail address that all e-mails will be from.
The name that all e-mails will be from. If left blank will use the site name of: Tutis Innovative E-Solutions Pte. Ltd.
Checking this box will allow Html formated e-mails to be sent with the SMTP protocol.
Send test e-mail
Type in an address to have a test e-mail sent there.
Checking this box will print SMTP messages from the server for every e-mail that is sent.